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The field of visual arts is a very creative one. It is often a forerunner and ahead of its time. It is characterized by its audacity and its constant desire to reinvent communication through images. Whether in a creative context or for production purposes.

Thus, the visual arts encompass all the arts that produce objects perceived essentially by the eye. Traditionally, these arts have included sculpture, painting and drawing.

However, their definition is constantly evolving. In particular, integrating new forms of visual expression such as photography, film, video and new media.

The Dakar Cultural Center’s spaces dedicated to the visual arts

Dakar Cultural Center has many spaces dedicated to the practice and training of visual arts in the Dakar region. On site, artists can meet in the exhibition hall or in one of the two courtyards (blue space and purple space) to carry out their artistic practice.

They also have at their disposal a media room. The room is perfectly equipped for audiovisual production.  Finally, the exhibition room will allow you to present your creations to the public.

CCBS’s mission for the promotion of the visual arts