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Performing arts are grouped under the label of live entertainment. This category covers a wide variety of shows, such as classical or non-classical orchestra, opera, theater, dance, street art, circus or musicals.

In this format, performers offer a show usually presented in a specific place (the stage), to a more or less defined audience (from opera to street theater).

The mission of the performing arts of the Dakar Cultural Center

Blaise Senghor Cultural Center mission is to stimulate the creation of performances throughout the Cape Verde region. Its action aims to encourage the reception of Senegalese and foreign performances. In particular, of theater and dance, encouraging awareness  actions for young people in schools, to promote artistic education among young audiences.

Thanks to this support, the actors of the great creative chain of the performing arts can disseminate quality productions in the performing arts. The common goal is to bring together creations, artists and audiences.