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A modern & spacious auditorium

The performance hall of the Blaise Senghor cultural center in Dakar has 250 seats. It was renovated in 2022 as part of the refurbishment of the complex led by the director Mr. Badiane. From now on, the Blaise Senghor cultural center has a performance hall worthy of its standing and its history.

Directors and artistic directors will be able to give free rein to their imagination to dress up their shows. Thanks to the new Sounds & Lights system. Lighting and sound are operated by the technical manager Mr. Abou Ba and his team to create the desired atmosphere.

The acoustics of the room have been greatly improved. In particular, thanks to the massive use of wooden panels. A noble material offering a unique audio experience to spectators. Whether for a musical show, for a play, or a live concert, etc.

The artists will be able to take up residence in comfortable dressing rooms. While the public will be able to appreciate their artistic performances in an air-conditioned room.

Thus artists such as Elhadj Leboon, K-Refour Poétique and Meïssa Mara, respectively traditional storyteller and the 2 African Slam champions have performed in this space.

Whatever event you want to organize, if you need a spacious stage, dressing rooms, and seating for your audience. The space provided will allow you to make your show a success. For more information on the availability of the performance hall of the Blaise Senghor cultural center, go to the space rental page.