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The promotion of reading remains one of the great challenges that the State has to face regarding the presence of new information and communication technologies. If we are seeing a drop in pupils’ reading levels today, it is partly due to the fact that books are no longer the intimate companion they were meant to be taken everywhere and at all times.

A classic of French literature used to say that books allow you to maintain a dialogue with the great figures of earlier times. Thus, every individual, whether pupil or student, public or private executive, businessman or manager, needs books to develop their skills by learning about the evolution of societies.

Reading nourishes us, reading makes the heart and soul grow, reading awakens our slumbering intelligence and invites us to the perpetual search for wisdom and knowledge.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We encourage you to read, not to give up reading, and to accompany all those who wish to embark on the path of reading, the library of the Regional Cultural Centre of Dakar Blaise Senghor opens its doors with a collection of more than 14,000 books.

The library is divided into two sections:

The children’s section, which includes story books, theatre, poetry, comics, magazines and documentaries.

The adult section, which includes books on philosophy, religion, social sciences, languages, pure sciences (mathematics, life and earth sciences, physics and chemistry), technical sciences, arts, sports, cinema, literature, geography and general history.