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The Esplanade of the Blaise Senghor cultural center

The esplanade offers an outdoor stage for your concerts and shows. Its surface can accommodate more than 700 seats in the pit, and 150 seats in the stands. Its maximum capacity is 1000 people standing. The stage is covered and offers a large area, which depending on the configuration can reach 120 m².

Thanks to the trellis structure overlooking the Esplanade stage. It is easy to adapt the lighting according to your artistic needs. The sound system is no exception. It produces more than enough power for all types of events, and will guarantee clear and rich sound.

Thus, this space of the Blaise Senghor Cultural Center has hosted many cultural events in Dakar over the years. Including live concerts, fashion shows, dance performances, plays, award ceremonies, and many more events.

For more information on the availability of the Esplanade of the Blaise Senghor cultural center, go to the space rental page.